Are You A Financial Dummy?

Well, Don’t’ Be!

At Online Teacher USA we have just added a new topic section: Business Administration!

Our first lesson under this section is Basic Financial Statements 100. With this lesson, you can learn what are the Basic Financial Statements.

Have you ever heard the terms Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, P&L Statement and wondered what the heck they mean?

Have you ever heard someone on the TV news or in a movie, say “show me the books” or “the books just didn’t balance” or “the company had two sets of books” and wondered what the heck they were talking about.

Get Smart! FAST !

This lesson will explain them to you!

You can also use this information to learn how to read them, or if you are interested in starting a business or investing in a business learn which of the four basic statements are important to giving you the essential information you need to determine if the business being well run (making money), has been well run (its performance over time).

Use as Guide When Taking Classes

If you are taking classes elsewhere in Business Administration you can use these lessons get up to speed FAST! That way when you go into the class you will already have essential knowledge on what will be discussed. And because you will have one-on-one instruction from a  “real live person” you will be able to ask questions, get clarification in your own time without slowing down  the class or being embarrassed to ask in front of the entire group.

Click Here to Book Basic Financial Statements-100 today!



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