Topic Overview

This is a new topic that about what something that may replace paper and coins as money in the new century!

Lessons on this topic will help you to learn:

  • what bitcoin is
  • how you can use it instead of money
  • how you can use it instead of money
  • how you can practically eliminate  your bank charges
  • how you can earn bitcoin by just letting your computer work instead of you

BitCoin is mobile money you don’t need a bank account just a  smartphone and an internet connection!

You can send and receive BitCoin anywhere in the world!

BitCoin is not related to any currency or bank so if you buy and sell your products all around the world your customer not be bound by using the current currency of their country no matter what is happening to the paper or coins used in their country.

STOP letting the banks and other middlemen take your hard earned money by OVERCHARGING you for something that now through the advancement in electronics such as the internet and the smartphone has made them obsolete!

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