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You can check-in for a lesson by clicking here!

Here you can find an open time-slot for a lesson you want to book.


1. Pick a teacher.

You can review a teacher’s background to help you decide who you would like to deliver your lesson. Once you decide on the teacher you would like, make a note of their name; you will need to know this when you book your lesson.

Teacher Bio’s

  1. E. Geldens
  2. M. Malapitan
  3. M. Llenares

2. Pick a Time-Slot.

You can also review teachers available time-slots for each kind of lesson they have made themselves available for. Make a note of which dates you would like. Keep in mind the schedule pages are posted  5 times each day, (09:00,13:00,15:00,17:00,23:00) so, check schedules frequently to determine if a slot you want is open.

You can also just include a teacher and time-slot in your request and if it is available we will try to book it for you. If it is not available we can let your know if you have provided an email where we can reach you.

Slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Cancellations can occur so again, check schedules frequently. Email us at least 2 hours before the start of you lesson if you need to cancel.

Teacher Schedules

  1. E. Geldens
  2. M. Malapitan
  3. M. Llenares

3. Arrange Payment

To arrange payment and receive booking confirmation ID, click here.


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