Welcome to the Payment Page!


Here is where you complete the booking process for a lesson and make payment for it.


Christmas Special! You may book up to 4 lessons, (that’s 4 single or 2 doubles), for FREE until December 21, 2016. 
Write down this code, then when you book and are asked for payment type select “Dec212016FREE” as the type.

It’s just our way of helping you start the new by improving yourself by learning something new or improving an existing skill.


It is our standard operating policy that lessons must be paid for in advance, unless special arrangements have been made, in writing. Just send us an email requesting special arrangements. We are more than happy to try to accommodate special situations. We want people to be able to learn things quickly and not make cost a barrier. We make special arrangements and allow FREE lessons all the time, every day. Just ask!


Current Rates

Effective 03 Jan 2016 14:05 (Filipino Time)

  1. Single Simple Lesson 30-minutes
    1. PHP 50
    2. USD 05
    3. GBP 05
    4. EUR 05
    5. AUD 05

Note: If you don’t see your currency select other in your Lesson Request.

If you have a special situation

Tell us what your situation is and we will get back to you to work out something if we can. Our main goal at OnlineTeacherUSA is to get lessons to people when they want them at a reasonable price.

Send email requesting special payment arrangments to:

Special Pmt Request

Let’s work together  to make this a win-win  situation for all of us.

Note: After you have completed your lesson,  come back to this page and please send us an email describing your experience and let us know if you enjoyed your lesson. If you didn’t like the lesson or feel it needs improvement let us know. Be specific, that way we will have a clue as to what we might be able to change it. If you liked it, be specific again so we can give kudos to your teacher. For each follow-up email, you can receive up to 10 points. These are awarded based on the amount of specific detail you used and the quality of your comments. The scale is 1-10, 1=least detail and quality, 10=the most and best quality of comments. When you have accumulated 50 points we will thank you with a free single session lesson of your choice from our Lesson Main Directory. Send your email by clicking here!

Book & Pay For Your Lesson!

Book & pay for your lesson by clicking here.     Not sure what to do? Click here for help to guide you.

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