Eds 1995 BMW 740iL Page!

This page is dedicated to showing, describing Eds Vintage 1995 BMW 740iL one of the finest luxury-performance cars ever built. This car can run over 200 mph!


In Storage – Cover Removed (July 06, 2015)


This is a photo of my BMW in storage. The heavy duty outdoor car cover has been removed to show it’s beautiful sharp fast lines and high gloss metallic racing green paint. If you like the deep liquid look of a candy apple red paint finish you will love the finish on this car, it is exactly the same but deep green. I purchased this car in 2000 and have kept under regular maintenance by my personal mechanic and at times dealer service. While it has 163,000 miles on the engine, since I have had it regularly serviced (oil changes, tune up etc) it runs like a fine watch. Idles so quietly you wonder if the engine has stopped! This is a super luxury AND performance, (V8, 287 hp) car that has all leather tan seats and interior. There are separate climate controls in front for driver and passenger. And the car has been designed for large people. So if you are tall or pardon my words wide person you will be extremely comfortable. Both in the front seats or the back seats. I am 6’1” tall, have a large body frame, and weight about 240 lbs. and have sat comfortably as a passenger in the rear seats without having my knees under my chin, if you know what I mean. And if you are sitting in either front seats you will feel like you are sitting in large, comfortable, recliner lounge chair. In fact, the seats in front are 10 way adjustable. The are both heated. Because of the individual climate controls your passenger may turn off, or adjust their seat heater without affecting the driver or other passengers. There is a separate control for the back seat passengers. The car also has twin side view mirrors that are heated and motorized. All windows, seats, and locks can be managed by the drive by using a control pod built into the left-hand rest next to his seat. There is a six-way stereo speaker system which is fed by either the 6-disk CD cartridge changed mounted in the trunk or the digital radio unit mounted in the dash. The radio features FM, AM, and side-band for weather etc. An onboard computer unit is mounted in the dash as well. This unit allows you to set speed throttling, the no-start without security code locking system and also allow you to set a number of recording keeping slots to help you manage trips and make adjustments to it to help you drive better to get improved performance and fuel usage based on historical driving habits and trip cycles.

My particular model uses one of the finest engines every built by BMW, the E38. And while there are a number of variations of the E38 the one in my vehicle is the best. Because at the time that the car was released into the US the additives in some of the US fuel could cause some erosion to the cylinder heads based on the materials used at the factory to built the engine. But this is NOT the case with my car and is verifiable by checking the engine plate attached to the car under the hood.

To be continued….


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