How does a lesson work?

A lesson begins with an introduction-review, (approx. 2 minutes), which describes what the lesson is going to cover and a review of what was covered in the last lesson; if this is the next lesson in a connected series of lessons. Then the lesson proper is given, (approx. 25 minutes), in which the new lesson material is covered. Finally, a lesson summary-wrap-up, (approx. 3 minutes) describing what was covered in the lesson. This process results in a full lesson (approx. 30 minutes). This structure is meant only as a guideline and all times are approximate. Actual lesson flow and timings are at the discretion of the teacher. Any gross misalignments, overlaps etc.  will be accommodated through a mutually worked out agreement between the student, teacher and administration at a time convenient to all principal parties. In some case, a lesson(s) could result in rebooking of the lesson(s).

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