To Book A Lesson

Click the link named “Lessons: Main Directory” it will lead you through the process of picking a lesson, a teacher, and a time-slot for the lesson you want.

Once you have decided on the type of lesson you want, you just go to its topic page, pick a teacher, find the date and time you would like to take a lesson, indicate what media you would like to take your lesson on; Skype or QQ Messenger, plain telephone etc..

Plain telephone!  That’s right. For example, you may have a free half hour at lunch and you want to learn about something – say practice your English! If you book a lesson what we call “free-talk” or that does not require visuals we can just call you and away we go.

Another example, you might want to learn what to do to getting started with the process of getting a passport. You just call us for that lesson and we will teach you over the phone what you need to do. We can even send-email you handouts, mini-textbooks in advance of your call if you pay and book your lesson with enough time for us to get those items to you.
So you see you can learn on a subway as a passenger in a car or bus,  jeepney, where ever and whenever we can connect with you!

Continuing with the normal booking process…

If there is a slot open just enter this information into the Lesson Request Form, click submit and BINGO! You have booked a lesson.

Then all you do is be at your computer on the date and time your lesson is booked and wait. Your teacher will contact you using the media you requested. Once you and your teacher are connected your lesson will begin.

11 January 2016 22:28 (eg)


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