How to Curse Like an American Lesson Series

In this these lessons, you will be guided by your teacher to learn to curse like an American. Nobody! Let me say that again, Nobody curses like Americans do!

And it’s a good thing that they do! Because the daily pressure cooker called the American way of life is Go! Go! Go! Never give an inch! Get to the end of the day, end of the week, top of the hill before anyone else or end up in a no man’s land called OBLIVION!!!

Available Lessons

How To Curse Like An American – 100 (Book It!)

Introduction: In this lesson your teacher will introduce you to basic curse words, phrase and how to use them. By the end of this lesson, you will have learned some of the essential curse words used by American’s and how to use them.

Length of a lesson: 30-minutes, Prerequisites: Be able to practically communicate in the language of your teacher, Pre-requisite knowledge: None. Materials Required: Some method for taking notes. Materials Provided: None. End of lesson deliverable: Cheat Sheet of Commonly Used Curse Words.

So, get off your freaking ass and book this damn lesson you stupid, good for nothing, moron! He he he he!

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