How Manage A Budget: Personal or Family

The lessons in this section will teach first about what a budget is. You will learn answers to the questions below.

Why have a budget?

How do I create a budget?

How do I maintain a budget?

In the course of learning how to manage a budget, you will be learning how  to use a spreadsheet. If you already know how to create, maintain, and use a spreadsheet that’s great! If not, you should probably take our lesson titled “How To Use A Spreadsheet” first then come back here. You don’t have to do it that way. You are welcome to try to learn about spreadsheets in the context of the lessons in this section. Let’s get started!

Available Lessons

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Note2: Click here to see time slots available to these lessons.

  1. What is a Budget – 100

    This introductory lesson assumes you know nothing about budgets. It gives a high-level, overview. Your teacher will explain what a budget is, what it is used for, and why it is a good idea to have a budget. Your teacher will show examples and allude to how you can create a budget using a FREE program. Material Required: Windows PC, OpenOffice 4.1 installed and ready use. 30-minutes.

  2. How to Create a Budget – 100

    This lesson gives a high-level overview and introduction to creating and maintain a basic budget using a FREE software program called OpenOffice 4.1. In this lesson your teacher will guide you through the process, of creating  your first budget. You will use OpenOffice 4.1 to do this so you must have installed and ready to use prior starting this lesson. Material Required: Windows PC, OpenOffice 4.1 installed and ready to use. Double session 2 lessons 60-minutes. Prerequisite: Essential knowledge of what is a budget or successful completion of our lesson “What is a Budget – 100”



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