Edward Geldens


Ed Geldens is a 65-year young seasoned profession with a wealth of education and “real world” experience on a multitude of subjects. He was born, grew up, and worked most of his life in the United States. He is retired and likes to travel the world, learning, learning, learning. He is the founder and owner of this site “OnlineTeacherUSA.net”. If you book a lesson with Ed you will certainly learn or improve a skill, but you will also have a fun, enjoyable expericence. Learn something new or improve an exitisting skill today! Life is a continues, never ending, learning experience. Expand yourlearning horizon by booking lessons with OnlineTeacherUSA today! Here is Ed’s CV.


Teacher ID: 01

Nickname: Ed

Language: English (native speaker), Spanish (light conversation)

Homeland: San Francisco Bay Area (Kentfield, CA)

Age: 65

Current Occupation: Retired

Formal Education: Graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Engineering – Speciality in Information Technology.

College: Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Teaching Experience: Held a teaching certificate for five years to teach vocational classes with the fourth largest school district in the United States. Taught, stand up lecture classed in Information Technology at a private corporate training center in Miami, Florida USA. Taught Advanced Database Design and Computer Programming at Miami-Dade Community College, a 2-year community college as an  adjunct professor in the school of computer science.

Work Experience:  40 years in Information Technology which includes, computer operator, software engineering and programming, Systems Analyst, Database analyst, Freelance IT Consultant.


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